Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Dreams, Witches and Butterflies Take Flight

I love to dream. I love my waking life too, but my crazy little imagination really cooks up some interesting nocturnal scenarios when I’m asleep. Occasionally I will have a dream that I think conveys an important message. When this happens, I write down what I remember. The following is a case in point.

In this dream I had great powers. Two reoccurring themes were present that I’ve experienced in other dreams – I can identify other special people with powers (particularly children), and I can fly. The children with powers look like everyone else and they do not know they have powers. They actually come from another planet. I believe they are sent here to help earth, as well as have some sort of mission about their planet of origin.

I can’t remember all the parts of the dream, but in one segment I am flying and there are emerald, green, trees below. It was a breath-taking sight that was absolutely awe inspiring. It was more than sheer beauty, there was an element of magic to the scenario. At one point I flew straight up to the clouds. There was a meeting of magical witches and I was one of them. There were mostly middle aged women, but there were a few younger ones and a couple of women in their early 60s with white hair.

There was one woman I didn’t know and I introduced myself. The rest of the women I knew and trusted. At one point we were supposed to suspend our powers so we could recharge. I think this was a normal part of the mystical process. However, there was something about this unknown woman that made me uncomfortable. I sent a telepathic message to the others to not totally give up our powers, as I thought we might be too vulnerable. The other women already thought the same thing. It was as if our vulnerability would allow dark forces to defeat us, and then the rest of the non-empowered society.

I woke up before the dream had a real ending. However, it was very interesting and fun. Even the part of the dark forces was empowering because I knew we were right in our pursuits and that is why the other dark forces were trying to stop us. I had no doubt we would win. I wish I could remember all the sights and colors enough to describe it. It was better than anything I had ever seen in a movie.

I suppose I could interpret this dream in a variety of ways. However, a few key things come to mind.

• If you want to be happy, seek out friends and/or acquaintances who will lift your spirits.
• Take the time to show kindness to children. They may have more material and technological advantages than we had at their age, but they have also inherited a planet that has been badly damaged. Help instill in them the hope that they can accomplish great and wondrous things that will be a benefit to everyone..
• Follow your instincts about people and events. If your gut is telling you to not trust someone, take heed.
• Life isn’t always easy, but it is the struggles that help us grow.

It is said that before a butterfly can take flight, it has to constantly beat its wings against its cocoon to break free. It takes enormous energy for the butterfly to emerge, but it is precisely what the butterfly needs to have the strength to fly. If someone were to break through the chrysalis to help the butterfly in its escape, the winged creature would be too weak to survive.

No one likes hardships, but they are a part of life. We may not be able to sidestep problems, but we always have a choice on how to respond to each situation. We can grouse over our setbacks, or we can take a more optimistic approach and take the opportunity to use each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. And the more we grow, the higher we can fly.

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