Saturday, January 29, 2011

Attracting Meeyons!

I have been a student of the Law of Attraction for a few years now and it still astounds me how a small shift in thinking can have such dynamic results. I’ve been crazy busy trying to get the word out about my book, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within, as well as get it into stores. There were times when I felt I was trying to open doors by pounding my head against them. It’s no wonder I have migraines.

I’ve sold and given away about as many of my books as I could to friends and family and now I’m faced with the fact that I now have to sell books to people who don’t know me. Of course this is going to be difficult. That is what everybody says, right? Even though I know the message in the book is desperately needed, there is that little nasty little insecure part of me that thinks the only people who will buy this book are people who feel obliged to do so because they know (or feel sorry) for me.

What a bunch of crap!

Most of the time I know better than this, but every once in a while my brain pulls out insecure garbage from the recesses of my brain and taunts me with old messages of unworthiness. In the past, I would listen to these messages. Heck, I invited them in and turned up the volume. I added new twists to my story of woe. It’s like watching the History Channel, except the history is my own short comings.

Now I change the channel and focus on more optimistic messages. And guess what? I’m being invited to speak to new audiences, stores are asking for my book, and perfect strangers are plunking down their hard-earned cash to buy a copy or two.
Today, two stores, SW Herb ( and Dragonstar Gifts ( bought copies of my book and plan to keep it in stock.

Before I was out of the first store, one woman picked up my book and started asking the owner about it. The customer loved the cover and talked about how she was sure she had seen the book somewhere. A part of me was thinking, “Oh she is mistaken.” But then I thought, “Duh, Sally, you have been pounding the pavement, airways, internet and everything else about this book. Don’t you think someone is going to recognize it?”

Of course my granddaughter, Rosannah, who is 3 years old, always points to my book and says “Grandma’s millions.” She can’t say erase negativity, but she likes the word millions (pronounced meeyons) and concentrates on that. Ah, the kid still wears a diaper but she knows that the word millions is much more positive than negativity. No one has trained her that you have to bust your butt, bang your head or cry a river of tears to be successful in life. In Rosannah’s world, Grandma is going to sell millions of copies of her book and that is that.

We grownups (or anyone old enough to read this) all experience problems. But what about the extra roadblocks we throw in our own path when we have self-defeating thoughts such as “I’m not good enough to be happy, successful etc, because (fill in the blank.) When we have these kinds of thoughts is it any wonder that we aren’t achieving our dreams?

Of course my co-author, Jackie, and I wrote the book to help people erase their negativity. We lived through our own issues and wanted to share what we learned on embracing optimism. We also need to remind ourselves that erasing negativity is an ongoing effort.

Anyway, every time I had doubts that I would be able to sell the book, I concentrated on the importance of the message, and not on all the naysayers who assert that it can’t be done. Guess what? It’s working. People are buying the book, reading it and spreading the word that there are simple tools that can help erase negative habits.

So here is my message for today. Concentrate on the gifts you can share with the world. Whether it’s a song, a book, a painting or simply a smile, you can make a difference. One by one we can erase the negativity in our lives. Perhaps one day life will be more like it is for Rosannah who doesn’t grasp the meaning of negativity, but knows that when she talks about “meeyons” she can make everyone in the room smile.

Also, if you get a chance, be sure to watch me on AZTV on Monday, Jan. 31 from 9 to 10 a.m., or watch for the clip on my website,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hopping Into Happiness

CB and I watched a mama bunny prepare a nest for her soon-to-be babies. It was fascinating to watch the cotton tail hop back and forth and bring twigs into the borough she prepared. Afterward she removed little rocks and sifted through the dirt to prepare the abode for her new arrivals. Now the hole is covered up and we have not seen the bunny (we are trying not to scare her) but I’m assuming she is in the hole with her babies.

It was intriguing to see how diligently she worked to prepare a safe haven for her young. We live next to a county park, so there are a lot of critters about including owls, coyotes and javelina. So it makes sense that she wants a place with maximum protection. If we weren’t afraid of scaring the mama bunny, I could see CB and I standing watch to protect the little rabbits. In a few weeks these same babies will probably be munching our favorite plants, but for now, we feel very protective toward this hard-working mama and her little ones.

The day before this little episode, my niece and her husband had a baby boy. Little Thomas is their first child and the first grandchild on both sides of the family. The beautiful little tow-headed boy is being welcomed into a very loving home.
Providing a safe and loving home is one of the most crucial things a parent can do for a child. Unfortunately, many of us were born into an environment where we did not feel safe or welcome. It is impossible to go through life without encountering difficulties. From a baby’s first cry to the last dying breath, the human experience involves a series of struggles.

While encountering challenges is an inherent part of life, it is not so much the problems, but the attitude you take while facing these difficulties that shapes how you view the world. It would make sense that an energetic and optimistic approach to life would produce better results, but that is easier said than done. An infant who is lovingly welcomed into a kind and caring family is more likely to receive positive messages than a baby who is born into a home where the environment is critical and angry. While there may be exceptions, by and large, you are the sum of your experiences, and generally this is the determining factor of whether you develop a positive or negative mindset.

If it were simply a matter of flipping a switch to receive a positive or negative attitude, most folks would opt for former. Unfortunately, many of us grew up in a negative environment, or suffered physical or emotional trauma that tainted our outlook. Bit by bit, negativity became a way of coping with life. Many pessimistic individuals claim that while a negative outlook may provide fewer positive results, it also protects them from disappointment. Unfortunately, negativity is more like a cancer than a protective shield. It starts small, and may seem innocent enough at first, but if not kept in check the negative mindset can spread and wreck havoc in all aspects of life.

No matter how we were raised, we do have the choice to make changes in our lives to become happier. That is why I hope you will read Erase Negativity and encourage others to do the same. If money is an issue, I urge you to contact me as I have different book giveaways that I’m participating in, and I am offering special deals to those who can help me spread the word about the book and get it into specialty stores, libraries and New Age bookstores. If you want to make a change, and you’re willing to put in some effort, I’ll make sure you get the book.

Remember, we cannot change our past, but we do create our future. If you want yours to be happier, please consider reading Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within and begin the process to build a safe, happy mindset for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How about a Happiness Check?

When I was a little girl I loved to play “pretend.” I imagined lots of different scenarios from being the first female baseball player for the Chicago Cubs to flying like Superman. I had a friend, Teresa, who would pretend with me. We also put on little performances. I only have a vague recollection of the entertainment, but I do remember singing, “Side by Side,” by Harry Lucas. It was written the year my mother was born, so it was an oldie even when I was a youngster. My favorite chorus was:

Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money,
Maybe we're ragged and funny
But we'll travel along
Singing a song
Side by side.

On more than one occasion I got in trouble for my over active imagination, although never from my parents. Mom and Dad encouraged creativity and even differing points of view. This mindset was not held in esteem by most of my teachers, but I believe my fanciful thinking has served me well. Now I find that visualizing happy scenarios and thinking “outside the box” are seen as empowering and desirable.
There are so many great books about the Law of Attraction, visualization techniques and creative thinking that I do not feel the need to describe the benefits. However, I DO think it’s important to remind people to have joyful, empowering thoughts. Not only can we manifest our dreams, it’s just downright fun.
I was talking to a friend of mine and I told her I like to stroll through shopping centers and pretend I’m famous. I even have a shirt that says: “Nobody Knows I’m Famous.” Anyway, on these little joyful jaunts I look around and I think, “These folks have no idea that I’m the famous Sally Marks.” I smile and meander along, content in my success, as well as my ability to outsmart the paparazzi (who mystically never seem to recognize me either!)

Before you call to have me taken away ha ha to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time..” (try googling Napoleon XIV for the rest of the lyrics), please know that I’m playful, but completely sane.

Another diversion is the singing game. My book, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within, was recently released and I occasionally receive checks for it. Every day I go to the mailbox and I sing, “Checks in the mail, checks in the mail. I love it when I get checks in the mail.” It certainly is better than crying “Stinky bills. Stinky bills. I don’t want more stinking bills.”

For several days in a row I sang my little “checks in the mail” song, and lo and behold, I received checks in the mail. Some were expected payments, some were not. One day I had a very strong intuition that I received a whole STACK of checks. I took a deep breath and smiled. I could just feel a stack of checks waiting for me in the mailbox.
And there were.

Unfortunately they came in a box with a new check register. I completely forgot I had ordered checks a couple weeks before.
I told the story to my siblings, niece and nephews at a family get together. My niece, Ashley, sang a new version: “Checks I can cash. Checks I can cash. I love it when I get checks I can cash.” So I’ve learned to be more specific and vary my lyrics a bit.

The point I’m making is we all have imaginations. Unfortunately, when many of us get older we no longer create fun and loving scenarios. We fill our minds with visions of gloom and doom. The average person has 40,000 to 65,000 thoughts a day. Guess what percentage of those thoughts are negative? A whopping 95% ! We haven’t forgotten how to pretend, it’s just we’re focusing on manufacturing stinky, dismal scenarios. So I ask, who is crazier, the person pretending to be famous, or the one who is imagining they are going to get hit by a bus?
The good news is we do have the power to change our minds. That is why I encourage folks to follow the first three steps in my book.

1. Become aware of the negativity in your life.
2. Replace negative thoughts, speech and actions with a positive alternative.
3. Smile. Even when you don’t want to.

And I’d like to add one more tip to the list. Imagine happier events in your life.
Just like when I was singing with Teresa, you may not have a barrel of money, but if you continue to laugh, sing and imagine better things, you can create more positive events in your life. And if you want to make my dreams come true, buy a few copies of my book so I can enjoy watching my postal carrier shake his head in confusion when I sing my check cashing song.

But most important of all is the song I always have in my heart as I imagine all of you side by side learning how to erase negativity and embrace the magic within.