Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finding Love in all the Right Places

I was listening to my friend and client, Maryrose Forsyth, author of The Real Estate of Relationships: Unveiling Practical Dating Solutions for the 21st Century, on Power Women Magazine, blogspot radio

Maryrose’s book is a primer on modern dating with a unique twist: She was telling the listeners of the program how to successfully date and even fall in love in a fast-paced world by linking mate-hunting with house-hunting.

I had the opportunity to ask Maryrose my own questions and would like to share a few with the readers of blog. So here goes:

Give us a brief summary of your book.
The Real Estate of Relationships, presents a complete overhaul of the quaint notions of dating and relationships and takes the unique point of view that modern romance has everything in common with finding your dream house.

Are you saying that finding a mate is like buying a house?
Exactly. When you buy a house, you ask questions about closets, location and history. The same needs to be true for dating. What do potential partners want? Do they like being alone? Are they ready to commit? You wouldn’t buy a house if you didn’t want one, and you shouldn’t enter into a serious relationship with someone who has no intention to “buy,” if ownership is what you want. Ask questions up front.

How is your book different from other relationship books?
This is a totally new approach to dating- one that has never been tried before. But if works. It’s the most common-sense and practical approach to dating anyone can have, especially in a world of 30-second dating interviews and Internet match making.

What is the most common mistake people make in relationships?
Many relationships end because the couples weren’t looking for the same thing. If you both aren’t on the same page, then the relationship is doomed to fail. Fortunately, my book will make sure that you both are on the same page and that you know who you really are, who the other person really is and what you both are really in the market for.

How can your book help people avoid initial mistakes?
With my book, dating is broken down into a simple, real estate-oriented approach. People who use it will have a wealth of information about whom they should be searching for, as well as whom to avoid and keep in the “friends-only zone.”

What is the overarching message of your book?
Readers will understand that they are investing in relationships when they date, and that only sound decision-making will lead to happiness with their choices. And the easiest way to avoid making bad relationship choices is to avoid the traps they fell into in previous relationships.

Is your book for women only?
Not at all. Dating is not a man or woman issue; it’s a universal one. Everyone wants to find that certain someone. If you are single and frustrated with the dating life, read this book. My questionnaire will put dating into an easy-to-follow formula. Both men and women will find the right person after reading my book.

Your book does seem to have been written from firsthand experience.
Yes, it contains a lot of personal knowledge. However, I researched my book thoroughly as well as conducted hundreds of interviews on dating relationships, wants, needs and desires…anything and everything under the sun. In my hometown of Phoenix that is usually a bright and hot topic!

In my next blog I will expand on this topic and discuss how this same approach can be used in other relationships such as with friendships, family, coworkers etc. But for now, listen to Maryrose’s fascinating interview and please consider buying her book as a Valentine’s Day gift for someone you care about.

You can reach purchase your own copy of the book online at If you are in a committed relationship, be sure to read my next blog, as you can read the book and use it as a guide for other relationships in your life as well.

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