Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Thing I Wish I Knew in my 20s About Money

I was recently asked a few questions by my Personal Coach Vickie Champion. Some of these responses will be on her You Tube channel. Several of the questions had to do with "One thing I wish in knew in my 20s about..." I decided to elaborate in this blog about "One thing I wish I knew in my 20s about money." If you want to see more of the shorter videos, visit and subscribe to her newsletter. The response below is NOT on the videos.

When I was growing up there was a lot of fear in our house about not having enough money. I remember the milk man knocked on the door to collect his payment and my mother had told my older sister to tell him she wasn’t home. I didn’t know about this arrangement so I poked my head into the doorway and said, “She is to home. She’s in the bedroom.” I remember my sister brushed me aside and the milkman came back a few days later after my mom received money from my dad’s paycheck. I remember asking my mom about money and she showed us the bills and how much money came in and how much needed to go out. I was probably 8 or 9 years old. I never asked for money after. Not even the dues for girl scouts (a dime a week). I just told them my girl scout leader I forgot the money. Eventually I stopped going – even though I enjoyed it.

This fear of not having enough money stayed with me as an adult. I also had this misguided notion that if I DID acquire more money – such as working an extra shift as a waitress – I was somehow taking it from someone else.
That was decades ago and I’ve become a little wiser.

One thing I wish I knew in my 20s about money is The Law of Attraction - or that like attracts like. For example, fear of not having enough put me in the perfect position for creating more of what I don’t have – enough money. However, the opposite is also true. Believing that there is an abundance of money, opportunity, good health and happiness for me to enjoy, helped me attract more in my life.
Now I have a new mantra. I say, “I am happy, healthy and prosperous.” Another one is “Money comes easily to me.” Once I changed my attitude about attracting money – things got a lot easier. So if there is one thing I wish in my 20s about money is that you attract what you focus on – so you might as well focus on something great.

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Margrit said...

Very nice blog, Sally... And so true about discarding outdated inherited beliefs and focusing on those things that are positive and want we desire rather than what we fear.