Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bouginvillea Blossoms Reach Out And Touched Someone

One of the most gratifying aspects of writing the Erase Negativity blog is when something I wrote has a positive impact on someone. This comment was the result of an article I wrote that was also posted on the internet. The writer asked to remain anonymous but gave permission to print the message and the picture. If you want to read the article you can visit

Recently, I typed in" bougainvillea" and looked at all the sites, and that's how I came upon your article. My brother, age 55, just died from a horrible cancer. He was very proud of his potted bougainvillea plant and always pointed it out when I visited.

I have been getting blossoms in the most unusual places around my yard, and one in my garage, and I feel that that is a way he is contacting me. There are plants around my neighborhood, as I live in Miami, Fl. where there are so many!, and there is one a block and a half away with the same fuchsia color, but no other yards have had them "fly" into their yards, as I do check for that.

Anyway, reading your article brought such joy to me, the way you described giving up and letting the blossoms fall and move where they want.
Getting all those blossoms for several days really has made me happy, and I have been bringing them in my house as a remembrance. (I know they are a pain to grow, so I don't want to actually grow one in my yard)

I will look in to buying your book, as I do have a little negative predisposition. If I hadn't looked up bougainvillea on the internet I would never have known about your book or website.

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