Monday, May 6, 2013

Heart Strings

Through the years men and women have honored their mothers with songs, flowers, gifts and jewelry.
Yvonne de Villiers had a different idea. She founded a company, Luna Guitars.
Yvonne’s mother, Cuban-born Hilda Williers, a professional electric bass player, performed regularly in the 1960s during a time when female bass players were rare. Yvonne watched with pride as her pioneering mom performed with a popular rock group.

Yvonne loved music, but her true gift was in the visual arts realm as an accomplished stained-glass artist. She embarked on a mission to use guitars (and later other instruments) as a canvas to design instruments that would look as beautiful as they sound. Now Luna instruments are a favorite of men, women and children of various sizes and abilities.

Is Hilda proud of her daughter? You bet. The feisty octogenarian is 88 years old and still going strong with 17 music students in her studio. No doubt she is also pleased that Yvonne has incorporated a key value that not only she taught her daughter, but nearly all mothers try to emphasize to their children as well, to share.

This includes the company’s community involvement encouraging Luna players to share their music as a force for inspiration and healing in their communities, as well as providing musicians the opportunity to offer their thoughts and music on the company’s website. Please check out a sample or two at
Also in the spirit of sharing, Luna offers numerous contests throughout the year for individuals to win a free instrument. You can check out the current contest by going to the company’s website The entry deadline is May 13.
More information about Luna Guitars instruments, the company’s unique story, as well as the family of individuals who play Luna instruments is available at or call 1-866-857-1647.


Luna Guitars creates instruments that are uniquely tailored to better fit a player’s body, hands, musical style, personal taste and artistic sensibility. Yvonne de Villiers, founder and lead designer for Luna, uses her skill as an award-winning, architectural stained glass artist to create stunning designs and inspirational messages to further enhance the player’s musical experience.


Luna’s mission is to craft fine stringed instruments with artistic sensibility that are comfortable, affordable and inspire people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey.


I recently acquired a beautiful Luna guitar. I loved playing when I was younger, but sadly gave it up. Watch for future blogs about reactivating past passions. And to all you musicians out there, be sure to check out Luna Guitars. Rock on.

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