Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day Hair and Spa Adventures

Mother’s Day is approaching. I’m currently promoting a deal for a Pamper Package for Moms.

The same package is available in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Florida and Texas.

But of course I can’t think of Mother’s Day without thinking about my own mom, Peggy, who died in 2000. My mom had a standing, weekly appointment with her hair stylist for years. I don’t care how sick she was, she went to the appointment because if she didn’t, someone else would get her coveted Saturday time slot.

My hair needs are quite different than my mom’s. She had her hair frosted, teased and sprayed, wore a special satin cap to bed to keep her coiffed style in place while she slept, and she always looked put together. It makes me think of a few lines from one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias, where Sally Field’s hairstyle is referred to as a helmet. A hurricane could blow and Sally’s hair would not move out of place.

That is not the case with my stubby locks. My hair ablutions are minimal. I have yet to color my brown hair and I have grey sidewalls. When I wake up in the morning my very short hair sticks up in odd ways. I comb it, but it springs back at strange angles that never cease to amaze me. My hair is very straight (so was mom’s) and I tell people if it wasn’t for my three cowlicks my hair wouldn’t have any style at all. Thank goodness for haircare products and grooming accessories.

Since I work out of my home (a great benefit of being a publicist, screenwriter and author) I sometimes get a little sloppy with my beauty needs.  I can write, conduct business over the phone and no one is the wiser about how I look. But, I think it does take a toll in other ways as this lack of grooming might have a psychological effect toward sloth. And if there is one thing a writer does NOT need is an excuse to be lazy.
However, since one of my favorite clients is a chain of cosmetology schools and a hair care manufacturer, I do learn a bit about hairstyling and I look a great deal better than I used to. They recently launched a new hairspray called Discipline. 

This aerosol hair shaping spray is awesome.  It even keeps my hair in place! It’s a shame this product wasn’t around when my mom was alive. She would have loved it. And I’m sure she would have given a can of it to her hairstylist as well. 

For those of you whose moms are still alive, please consider giving her a pamper package and picking up a duo pack of Discipline Shaping Spray. After all those years she tried to keep you in line, it might be fun to give her something so she can keep her hair from misbehaving as well.

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