Monday, August 4, 2014

Adding Charm to the Arm

I received two nice surprises when I opened my new bracelet from The first was the ease and comfort of slipping the piece on my wrist.   When I saw the picture of it online I thought it was constructed of inflexible plastic that would look fine, but would be a nuisance to take on and off ( ah, the sacrifices we women make to adorn ourselves.) To my happy amazement the bracelet is held together with a stretchy material that makes it a breeze to put on and remove.  The second surprise was the middle rose-gold-colored links are metal, not plastic.  Although I would've been happy will an all-plastic piece, having the contrast of colors and materials gives the item more pizzazz.

This bracelet is one of six, new pieces in a summer collection created by Aya Azielant and is available only through I chose the white and rose-gold-colored piece, but the bracelets are available in other colors, textures and finishes.   For a click on the link below for a closer look.


At $39 each the bracelets are an affordable and fashionable complement for anything from swimwear to cocktails after work.  Speaking of work, whoever designed these items had a working woman in mind because my bracelet is very comfortable to wear.  This has not been the case of many other bracelets I have purchased over the years. They look fine, but clunk against the keyboard when I'm working, get snagged on things, rotate around my wrist or fall off my arm when I move, or the materials irritate my skin.  I was happy this bracelet did none of the above.

While wearable comfort is a bonus when at work or doing projects around the house, the very nature of jewelry is to look good. I'm happy to report I received several compliments on my latest jewelry acquisition. And of course I think it looks great as well.

I also liked the little pouch the bracelet came in.

Usually when I order jewelry online it comes wrapped in bubble wrap. The pouch is not only cute, it is more environmentally friendly than bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts. This may be a small detail to some, but to me it shows an environmental awareness that is commendable.  In short, the new summer collection of silix bracelets by Aya Azielant receives a thumbs up from me.

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