Thursday, January 1, 2009

Horsepower Sense and Trusting the Universe

The most interesting things happen when you are in accord with the universe, or when the universe gives you a nudge to do something you hadn’t planned on doing.

I had a great little car, but the alarm started going off all the time. The blaring of a car alarm in the middle of the night is not an endearing sound for one’s self or the neighbors, so I knew I had to take it into the dealership and have it fixed.

It was Saturday morning and as I was doing my meditations, the thought went through my mind that I would buy a new car. This was a strange idea as I loved my little car and it was only four years old.

I pulled into the dealership around 10 in the morning and went into the dealership to ask who I needed to talk to about fixing the car alarm. The next thing I know the salesman asked me if I wanted a new car because they had a buyer for a car just like mine.

“Not unless you can make me a deal I can’t refuse,” I said.

Well, they DID make me a great deal, and then some. I wound up with a new car like the one I had, with the same color and a few more upgrades to boot. The best part was I got all of this with a lower monthly payment than I was currently making. This all happened in about two and a half hours and all to my advantage. It turned out to be one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had, especially when buying a car.

Sometimes it can be a bit “alarming” to trust the universe and be open to the magical opportunities that are out there in the world. However, this experience has shown me once again that when I start and end each day with peaceful meditations, and am open to the inner wisdom that comes from it, wondrous opportunities can prevail.

Peace and Love,

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