Sunday, September 19, 2010

Comment from Laser Beams of Love

I often post my blogs on different sites that use articles for newsletters or websites. I received this comment through my email regarding an earlier article I wrote called Laser Beams of Love. The comment was too long to post as a comment, so I'm reprinting it here to share with all of you. I'm printing it verbatim and hope you enjoy it. And to Daniel, thank you for your response. Here it is:

I, Daniel in my search for truth and knowledge found that the old Quaker way of five minutes silence and observed how it affected people.
I must before continuing say I am not a follower of any specific religion, institution or practitioner of so called magic. I am only affiliated to humanity. (AS opposed to mankind)

"Beam of love". This was a part of me which I lost and rediscovered forty years later. I wondered is there anyone else who thinks like this. So I typed "beam of love" on a Google search and found you.
Six months ago I read a 1975 issue of The Psychologist Magazine about forgiving others and realized I was walking with a monkey/burden on my back. I then forgave every one I could possibly thinks of, even my father, my mother, my brothers and sisters for wrongs or perceived wrongs unto me. I even forgave myself.
Then I remembered my Beam/bubble of love which I used as follows:
I would try envisage, imagine or see a bubble of love emanating from me to all creations, birds, trees, the sky, mother earth.
After a while I realized what the golden thread that runs though all religions meant. viz. "Do unto others what You want them to do to you."
The Christian bible says "The more you give the more you receive". I did not do this to receive only to give, It reverted me back to the peace of my childhood and I again started feeling one with all humanity.
Then a question arose: If a number of people with no thought of receiving, no rituals, out of own motivation/choice i.e. without coercion, after discussing it or mentioning it to someone else if they in the privacy of their inner chamber enshrouded in a bubble of love while falling asleep, were to beam love to all creations what would happen on and to this world. Would the power generated be like putting hundreds of amplifiers together?
This is beyond religion because it embraces all mankind and love as I see it universal.
Thank you Sally for sharing.
Peace be with you all.

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