Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Erase Negativity Gets Stunning Review

Yesterday was an awesome day. After months of persistent efforts my book, Erase Negativity and Erase the Magic Within, had a breakthrough. There is a stunning review about the book on the following websites: www.amazon.com; www.barnesandnoble.com; www.livingsocial.com and www.realityshifters.com. I have reprinted it here for your convenience. Woohoo!

Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within
by Sally Marks and Jacqueline Howard

Master the Keys to Positively Transforming Your Life

Erase Negativity is a powerhouse of a self-help book. It features eleven chapters describing life lessons mastered by people who've overcome extraordinary challenges. The big idea here is that no matter what terrible things may have happened in life, it is always possible to start from exactly where we are, and begin moving in a positive direction toward the life of our dreams.

The first couple of chapters of Erase Negativity may seem shocking, as they describe how it feels to pull oneself up by the proverbial bootstraps while "emerging from the depths of hell," such as an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or cycles of emotional and physical abuse. I was deeply moved to read heartfelt stories of people who have truly hit rock bottom, and managed later to set and achieve positive goals. It's inspirational to read how people have bounced back from a wide variety of horrendous situations, and managed to get unstuck from complacency. There is greatness possible for each and every one of us, regardless what handicaps, constraints, and misfortune may have occurred.

I love the format of this book, as each chapter starts with a biographical story that illustrates the tools required at each person's turning point. The end of each chapter summarizes the main points in the form of exercises first for erasing negativity... and then for embracing "the magic within." The magic referred to is spiritual, intuitive, and energetic in nature, rather than a form of magick or witchcraft.

The life-transforming tips provided in Erase Negativity include feng shui, keeping a running total of positive to negative thoughts, affirmations, stepping out of the victim mindset, setting positive goals, choosing supportive friends, eliminating gossip, and practicing mindfulness. These concepts are much more than mere words on a page, as real life accounts of what a difference they have made are described eloquently.

I feel deeply honored to be one of the eleven people interviewed for Erase Negativity, and I sincerely hope that my story will resonate with readers in ways that help them gain additional strength to succeed in life.

Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within is the best summary of how to live a positive life that I've yet found in a self-help book; I give this book my highest recommendation!

Cynthia Sue Larson is an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, an author, life coach, intuitive strategic visionary and a bioenergetic field researcher. However, right now I see her as a fantastic person who just gave the book a huge boost. Thank you Cynthia Sue! And to my other friends and supporters, feel free to post your own review. Every little bit helps.

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