Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Down But Not Out

I got a reprieve from being an undertaker today. A hummingbird was lying on the patio. We knew it was not dead, but things did not look good for our little feathered friend. My spouse, CB, thought if we could get the bird in a box out of the reach of predators it might recover. If that didn’t work the box would become a coffin.

As luck would have it as soon as CB reached to place the bird in the box it sprang to life and quickly flew away. CB is a physician and I’m very spiritual – but we did not practice any mystical or medical intervention. I think the bird simply regained consciousness and made a hasty exit before we could send him a bill or talk him into converting his spiritual beliefs.

CB’s attempt to place the bird in the box no doubt seemed like the actions of a predator, not a protector. None-the-less, I’m glad things turned out okay for the little hummer. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that this event is going to become an allegory for a lesson in life, so here it is.

It is impossible to go through life without encountering difficulties. From a baby’s first cry to the last dying breath, the human experience involves a series of struggles. While encountering challenges is an inherent part of life, it is not so much the problems, but the attitude you take while facing these difficulties that shapes how you view the world.

In short, it is not about how many times we get knocked down that counts. It is how many times we get back up.

I was recently featured on the Chris Treece internet radio show. Chris told me that he lost everything he owned due to a ravaging flood in Tennessee last year. In a 13-hour time frame his house, his car, his belongs and his business were ruined. Yet he manages to keep an upbeat attitude. He focused on what he did have – his health and his life. He got knocked down, but he got back up. His life is a source of inspiration.

It would make sense that an energetic and optimistic approach to life would produce better results, but that is easier said than done. If it were simply a matter of flipping a switch to receive a positive or negative attitude, most folks would opt for former.

However, even if you aren't an optimistic person, you can learn how to develop a better mindset. Overcoming suffering was the inspiration for the book, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within. My friend and co-author Jacqueline Howard wrote it to shine a little more light in the world. Is it a quick fix? No. But if you read it and follow the suggestions and steps you will learn how to live a happier life.

"I’m not negative,” you may say to yourself (or out loud). “I’m just being realistic.” Maybe so, but, if that “realistic” approach has resulted in some depressing results and evolved into a downright unhappy life, perhaps it’s time to consider a new, happier perspective.

Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within is a simple guide to recognize and diffuse negative behavior and replace it with a positive approach. No one is born negative, it is an acquired habit. Whether you were raised in a negative household, or acquired a downbeat demeanor after a lifetime of disappointments, it was a habit you learned. Perhaps your realistic approach (the one your friends and family call negative) has been a shield against the worst of life. After all, if you prepare and expect the worst, it will reduce the painful effect that most assuredly will follow. Unfortunately, this approach comes with some depressing results – a disapproving mindset, negative results and an unhappy life.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your life, contact me through the blog or my website and order the book. If you mention the blog, or any of the recent radio shows I’ve been on, I’ll autograph it and pay for the shipping and handling costs.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can embrace a happier life. So why not trade in the sad refrain of “Nobody loves me everybody hates me I’m going to go eat worms?” You can learn some important tips on erasing negativity, embracing happiness, and then, like the hummingbird, go merrily on your way.

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