Thursday, March 28, 2013

Touching the Sky

I love gravity-defying dreams. I had one last night. I climbed on top of a large rock and jumped off. Before I hit the ground I had the power to slow myself down and enjoy a feather-soft landing. I was playing this game over and over with friends. Jump, slow down, land softly.

I’ve had even better dreams where I jump up and turn on some magical powers where I could inch myself even farther up into the air. Sometimes it was just air, other times I would inch upward until I could touch the ceiling.

In my wakened life, I’m vertically challenged. At 5 foot 2 inches tall I’m lucky to touch the ceiling of a doll house without a ladder. However when morning comes and I open my eyes, I still carry a piece of these empowering dreams with me throughout the day. I don’t put these jumping feats to the test. That would ruin my fun (and my knees). However, I let my imagination enjoy these gravity-defying moments before I look in the mirror and see that Newton’s observation

about falling apples is indeed hard at work and pulling my breasts, butt and skin to the ground.

While there are physical realities that are not a lot of fun (aging being one of them) I remind myself that I’m in charge of my own thoughts. When I was a kid I probably spent more time in my imagination than in the “real world.” A box could be a rocket, a tree could be a castle and, as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage…”
A great deal has been written about creating our own reality.

Some may scoff at the notion, but I believe it is true. Detractors tell me, “Why would I create negative things in my life?” It’s a good point, but unfortunately the reality is not only we put a lot of our attention on negative outcomes, we give it OUR PASSION.

Think about the last time someone cut you off in traffic or did some other rude action. Did you release the negativity after a minute or so or did you replay it in your mind over and over? Did you let it rest, or did you tell a few friends and family members about the episode?

I imagine thoughts are like little bubble pictures above our heads. They are fragile and can pop and disappear, or we can charge it with strong emotion and give it a burst of energy. Given time, this unhappy situation will demand a repeat performance and manifest itself in your life again.

In the first chapter of our book, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within, I encourage folks to reduce unpleasantness in their lives with three simple steps.

1. Pay attention to your thoughts, speech and actions.
2. Erase the negativity and replace it with something more positive.
3. Smile. Even if you don’t feel like it.

If you prefer to see me mug for the camera and go into more detail on these three tips I invite you to go to my you tube site

I also invite you to use your imagination and create happy scenarios in your mind. When slumbering a dream can turn into a nightmare, but in our awakened imagination we can bring our dreams to life, and no one will have any idea of why you are walking around playing with friends, making a soft landing from a tall cliff, or simply touching the sky.

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