Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Good Word for a Good Friend

I learned that a friend I had worked with years ago had passed away. Patricia Susan Schultz was only 63 when she died. I didn’t learn about it until nearly a month after the funeral.

Pat and I worked at the City of Mesa’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Division for many years. Pat was one of the first people I met. She was the coordinator of the senior and specialty programs and I did public relations for the Division. She was famous for her love of glitter and sparkle. Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday, and ironically it was on that day that she died.

Pat had a truly sunny personality and was loved by nearly everyone. I still find it difficult that she is gone. I regret not staying in better contact with her over the years. I truly meant to give her a call, but my good intentions were replaced by the myriad of errands and work that cropped up.

After I left the city I divorced, moved and changed my last name, so it would have been a lot more difficult for her to find me than vice versa. Generally I have been proactive about keeping friendships alive, but in this case, due to all the difficulties I faced with divorce, unemployment and my new role as a single parent to a very unhappy teenage daughter, I chose to focus on dealing with my problems rather than the friendships that nurtured my soul.

Now the opportunity to sit, laugh and have lunch with this delightful former co-worker has slipped away.

In our book, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within, my friend and co-author, Jackie, write about the importance of good friends, positive role models and developing right thought, right speech and right action. Pat was a stellar example of all these fine attributes.

As bad as I feel that Pat passed away before I had a chance to reconnect with her, I also know it will do me no good to beat myself up about it. The best I can do is forgive myself, say a prayer each day to honor my dear friend, and use it as an example of how important it is to stay in touch with people I care about. We never know how long any of us will be on this planet and it is so important to make the best of every moment.

Last night I had a dream. I was at a café and my friend, Rossan, led me to a table. Much to my surprise, Pat was seated there. At first I was relieved to see that I had been wrong about Pat’s death and that she was very much alive. I gave her a hug and we began talking. Another person walked past the table and said hi. He also was relieved to see that the article he had read about Pat’s death was wrong too. Then I realized that Pat was dead, and she just wanted to give me a chance to say goodbye to her. Much of this happened telepathically.

Although Pat was at a café, she did not have any food in front of her. I see that as a sign that there was “nothing else on her plate” in the earthly world. She was ready to move on to a more celestial experience. She took that moment to meet with me, let me know she was okay and gave me the opportunity to say goodbye. Real or not, when I awoke, I felt that I had truly experienced the opportunity to bid adieu and let her know how much I cared for her, even if I had been remiss in keeping in touch.

In a moment, I knew Pat would ascend to her heavenly duties, probably organizing dances, socials, classes and heavenly parties. I knew she secured a good spot in heaven, but I think I had a few doubts about my own future.

My last words were, “Please put in a good word for me, will you?” Then I awoke.
When I opened my eyes I was smiling. I felt at peace because I knew Pat sensed my heart rather than my actions and would put a good word in for me with the powers that be.

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