Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nature makes you think positively

Here is a guest post by Emily King.

Everyday obligations and tasks occupy our minds so that we are practically disabled to think in any other way from the one that is prescribed by the established social norms.

When you are a pupil or a student, you are forced to go to school, to study and to attend some extracurricular activities. Many children even have to go to different trainings and other activities that are not in a direct relation to school. When you grow up, you are asked or forced to look for a job and become an independent person.

While this might be the proper way of functioning for the society we live in, it leaves big scars on our souls. People's natural state is not spending days and nights in front of the computer. It is neither wasting half of your time off work on commuting, nor throwing away your natural potentials on the process of becoming a slave for someone else, who earns money on putting you in (both metaphorically and literally) chains.

As those children mentioned in the previous paragraph, we are forced to do things as some ruling head or a trust of brains have imagined. By our obedience to those deeply structured rules, we become cogs in the money-making mechanism that takes away your energy and vitality so that its members or rulers could do what every person should do in the first place – find peace and take care of his or her own persona.

We can often see TV programs in which famous actors, music stars or wealthy businesspeople show us around their manors in the country or at the sea. The program's hosts and those larger-than-ordinary-life figures together create an imitation of life for many hard-working regular people. Us, the prudent pillars of their society, are meant to watch that and heap praise on their success. Sometimes we even get angry with ourselves and our lack of knowledge and courage to do the same as they did to enjoy the lavishness of life. We fill our minds and bodies with negative energy while the solution is so close within our reach.

We are here, on this beautiful planet thanks to our parents and we should appreciate our lives more than we do. Every day can be a new and different experience, embellished with beautiful sensations of nature around us and the world inside us. Going to work, sweating in the underground train, devouring fast food to get back to work and toil for those boasting characters from those TV programs cannot be your only function in this world. Stop for a moment and listen to the wind, to the rustling of the leaves. Take a look at birds flying above you or at clouds hurrying to the horizon. All those pictures around us are here thanks to the balance of nature. Humans should grow their food in their gardens. We buy artificially grown food, together with fruit treated with pesticides and frozen vegetables.

By agreeing on being a part of the rat race for the three-meal day and a ten-day holiday, we disqualify all the potentials nature has for us. It is the strongest force in this world and it sends us numerous messages to make our lives easier and happier. Listening to its frequencies and guidelines can change your view of the world.

Just like in the movie Into the Wild, where the protagonist decides to go away from the city rush and the bright future planned by his parents, adorned with college diplomas and material possession, we can turn to the other side. Observing and listening to nature and its mind-easing messages, spending time in woods, in parks or at lakes will help us come closer to what our species used to be. Turning to nature and its laws can be a real refuge for all those people struck by poverty and injustice. Mother nature is waiting for us. Heed its call and you will do something most useful for your mental and physical health.

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